Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Yes, I am pathetic.

OK I told myself this morning I would not be sewing today... I told myself I needed to take a day off, do some laundry.. drink some cocoa.. whatever. But.. the hubbs is playing "Fallout 3" and the kids are not interested in me in the least today so I decided to work on something thats been in my head for awhile...

sneak peek...

and thats all you get.

I rushed through this first one.. to see.. can I? and I can! now its time to go make a perfect one...

100% recycled and re-purposed materials... hand stitched detail... I am... excited. to say the least.


  1. looks cool! and you know what? i really did not even notice that you were from ogden! me too!!

  2. LOL small world indeed!! we're just off 30th, on healy st, a couple blocks west of harrison