Tuesday, November 11, 2008

full day!

Well, all of my stockings are finally listed on ETSY! I hope I get a good response... these are some of my favorites:

but of course to view them all just head to my ETSY page at www.LuminousMom.Etsy.com !
I have a ton of new ornaments listed as well.. and I am working on eco-friendly felt and recycled fabric wallets tonight. I dont know how hey will turn out because its an experiment, but worth a shot!

ooh, and look what I made while I was waiting for all of my pics to load! Two new pairs of gloves! I'm loving them.. cant wait till it snows so I can wear them out and about... what do you guys think, worth selling? I mean, I dont make the gloves.. just sew my pretties onto them.. well, sell or not.. I adore them!

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