Friday, November 28, 2008

IKEA fabrics, and why they rock

Many people don't know this... but IKEA has fabric by the yard for sale, AMAZING fabric! They have for years.. but lately the prints have become more and more appealing! Now, an easy design trick to know is that..well, they come in sets or "series" and those sets are pre-designed to compliment each other, aka.. use one as a pillow, one for your windows, and another in a frame and voila, you have a color story! The only downside is you cant order it online, so you either have to live by an IKEA or have a friend willing to go buy some for you.

My latest obsession is the GUNILLA line. It has a distinct eastern flair with cute widdle birdies, orange for a pop of color, and the perfect colors for my room!





The whole lot!

I'm loving the turquoise and orange for pillows and pop art around the room... and the black/multicolor for curtain panels. I already have lovely black/brown panels on my windows but these would be nice, maybe sewn in 6" bands down the sides. The multicolor would make a PERFECT throw for cuddling up on the couch, and I see the black/white as being amazing lampshades... although I want more orange so that would work too!

I need to save up, but at only 7.99 per yard its very economical and its high quality cotton. They are very strong fabrics, I spent alot of time touching and coveting when we were at IKEA last weekend.. I highly recommend these for anything and everything! In fact.. I think they would make amazing fabrics for apparel (if lined, as they are not super soft, although not rough either) and accessories!

The other lines are just as amazing.. LENA line is dining room bound, eventually! INGER line has my kitchen all in a tizzy... ah if only fabric were free, lol.

You've just gotta love it!


  1. How do you buy the fabric from IKEA? They all say "not available to buy online". Just wondering b/c I'm in serious LOVE! :)

  2. can you use for upholstery? Thanks