Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Custom order, so fun!!

So my sister sent me a txt today asking if I could make 6 to-go coffee cup air fresheners for her... she's a barista and she thought they would make great presents for her co-workers, and I had so much fun making them!! I think they are pretty darn close to the real thing.. they are going to be scented vanilla because we agreed that's probably the safest bet to please 6 different women!

I even made tiny little coffee cup wrappers for them with vintage buttons!

to celebrate, because these coffee cups really make me that happy... I am discounting all of my little felt creatures by $2.00 each!!
These one of a kind lovelies are now only $6.00 each.. a hell of a savings, considering I saw an owl pin on ETSY today sell for 16.50 and it wasn't nearly as cute as mine. (says me.. lol)My OWL was featured on cafemom daily buzz after all!

check it out!!§ion_id=5714986

Here are the coffee cups: I love em! (sorry the pics are crap! its night-time and the lighting in my house is far from superior.)


  1. These are cute! Perfect for us COFFEE ADDICTS! Consider: making ornaments? Attach a little red or green bow and/or holly for decoration... could go on a tree... Sell them as sets? (I hate it when people do this to me!! :)

  2. Thanks!! I dont mind suggestions at all, I thought about that too actually! I started a bit too late for this year but I'm hoping to have a ton of ornaments next year.. lets hope the economy is better next year though, lol!