Wednesday, December 31, 2008

NO resolutions!

It occurred to me today, as I read countless resolutions from people all over the internet... Myspace, Blogs... Cafemom... that I don't have anything I really want to make myself work on.. there is nothing bothering me.. nothing I feel like I need to "fix." Now...I am DEFINATELY not "perfect"... I know this, and that's not what I am saying. But for the first time in my life... I accept me for WHO I AM. I love me, I love my life and my friends and family... so for the first new years I can remember, I am NOT going to resolve to fix anything!

Resolutions... its such a nice thought... "I will promise myself to ______ and it will happen.. no matter how many times I have tried and failed to do it before." Hrmph. Not for me.. not anymore. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it NEVER works for some people. Some people are totally motivated by something like a resolution... and I can see why. Its therapeutic, really... because its your chance to say what is wrong (admitting it is half the battle!) and coming up with a way to fix it.

What I WILL do is continue to live my life as I do now... I will continue to love my husband with my whole heart, and appreciate him as much as I can. I will continue to tell him, every second of the day that I can, how amazing he is. How smart he is, and what an amazing provider he is. I will continue to do my best to give my kids everything I can... love, knowledge, fun, creativity, and empathy. I will continue to do the best work I can do to further my future, as well as my families future. I will continue to love and accept my home, my car, my clothes, my body... as MINE.. and I will NOT compare myself to anyone else. I will NOT play the "keeping up with the Jones" game and I will be PROUD and happy for what we have.

Maybe this means I DO have a resolution... and that is to simply to keep doing what I am doing, because it finally feels right. I am doing it for ME.. not for anyone else. These are scary times but we are OK and we will continue to be OK as long as we have eachother... and after taking a giant step back and looking at my life as a whole, I feel like for the first time I can say... this is good. I have everything I need, I love my chubby thighs, I love our house, I love my husband, I love my old Durango, I don't need to "compete" with anyone... and I don'tgive a flying monkeys butt what anyone else has to say about it! THIS is what I have been looking for all these years... its so beautiful to finally have it. I'm not perfect... but I am happy. I truly hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday season, and has some time to stop and reflect on what we have.. instead of what we don't. Love to you all

Happy new years everyone!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

I'm leaving on a jet plane

.. I do know when I'll be back again... the 28th! We're flying home to be with my family, Brian has to stay home because he works the 24th, 25th, 26th, and 27th from 5:45am-8:30pm... we will miss him so so much but it will be nice to see my family again, we havent seen eachother since September.
I'm a wee bit nervous about flying alone with an almost-2 and almost-4 year olds... but I just need to suck it up and stay calm! I sewed myself a big carry on bag, and a small carry on (purse) sized bag.. and I am just going to try and stay calm and stay happy so my nervous energy doesn't affect them! I love flying.. but I don't really like flying with kids (anyones kids.. I don't even like when other people fly with kids.. it stresses me out just to see them have to worry about their own kids! lol!) I just think it is not in a childs nature to enjoy being stuck in a seat for hours on end.. then again, what is school? hehe.
Toys and treats are packed, and its only a 2 hour flight.. so I am holding out loads of hope that this will be super easy and not too terrible stressful. It will be my dads 50'th Birthday on the 28th, so on the 27th we will have a party for him, and probably a small cake for Siddalee as well, since she will be 2 on Jan 4th. Time flies Bebes.

Happy Holidays to all of you! I may update but it will only be with pictures, as I was a lazy butt and packed all the gifts I meant to take photos of.. and I really dont want to un-pack said gifts... or ruin the surprise for all of my family who will be receiving them!! I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday season, full of love and joy and family and friends... and HOORAY ladies, the holiday shopping season is over! You may now resume breathing as normal..

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Luggage, Photoshoots, and Crepes

Oh man. I've been a bad girl and I have not blogged in a few days, but I have a valid excuse... PURSES.. so many purses my eyes are beginning to cross. Chances are, if you are a family member or friend of mine and will be seeing me when I fly to Washington, you will be receiving a purse from me. I decided not to "assign" the bags to anyone because I just cant choose FOR people what they will like.. instead I am making a pile of bags and everyone will just pick and fight over the one they want, lol.
So, that has kept me pretty occupied! I am really picking up on the plaid trend this year, as well as gold tones that I used in grommets and chain.. they are my favorite bags yet. I incorporated ruffles and felt flowers in some, and others are very simple and clean.
Wednesday night or Thursday morning I will be doing a little photo shoot of all the bags I have completed so I am excited for that, they range in color and size and shape so there is alot to show! I also sewed myself some new luggage tonight.. I used some left over faux leather from an apulstry project, and some plaid to make a shoulder bag and a carry on to hold toys/cups/treats for when the kids and I fly to Washington in 6 days.

Last but not least I did some experimenting with crepes.. I made chocolate, and coconut... the chocolate was a little blah, but the coconut was shockingly good, funny considering I dont really "love" coconut! Everyone seemed to love them. Epic win!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

CPSIA update...

still waiting to hear from governor, news station, and Small business Ombudsman on our concerns.. nobody seems too "hasty" to get in touch with me about it. I will continue calling and emailing daily until they do.

Contact Patti (Patty?) Bittner with your concerns:
She is the Small Business Ombudsman, it is her job to provide guidance to small business.. thats us ladies. Im sure she is swamped, but shes the right person to contact.
Email her at :
Call her at: Tele. (888) 531-9070
- on her answering machine she also provides this number: 301-504-7945 (but the above number is toll free)

hope I hear from someone soon... not holding my breath.. but I AM holding my governor and senators accountable. They will hear from me every day until I hear from them. Dont let up ladies, we DEMAND answers.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Little red riding hood

Just a quick check in because I have been a busy bee and havent been posting!

I am so excited, I went to Hancock fabrics today and plunked down around $100 but I have some AMAZING new fabrics to show for it... I am making Sidda a "little red riding hood" but I am making it reversable, a black "satin" on the inside, and the red is a luscious ruby suede... I'm thinking this will get alot more use!

What I am dying to do now, however... is make adult hooded capes. Maybe not red ones, or maybe just ONE red one.. but practical ones because I LOVE how chic they are.
I also got some fantastic grey and purple suiting's for purses (thinking family christmas) some cute brown with pink floral for a skirt for Sidda, and a PERFECT cotton that will compliment the Dupioni silk button pillow I made for my best friend.

I am really excited to start getting everything together for Christmas.. everyones gifts have to travel on the plane with me and the kids, so I am considering rushing through and shipping them in a week (its really only two weeks until we fly to Washington!!!!!!) but we'll see how it goes.

I decided we are not going to put up our tree this year.. but I came up with a solution we are all satisfied with as far as holiday decor so I will show you all tomorrow!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

No etsy sales... but a custom order!

Well, still no ETSY sales but I did get a profitable custom order! I'm excited because this will allow me to be able to purchase more supplies, I have a few things I am dying to try but with the economy the way it is I really cant afford to buy the supplies I need without.. sales!
I really want to make a line of skirts.. I love skirts I think they are so versatile and with the array of fantastic fabrics out there in the world they can be anything you want them to be.. classy, fun, dressy, mod, cute.. anything.

Well, off to package up half the order! Some of it will have to wait until Thursday when I can get supplies but most of it I already had made so thats great!

Do you think my family would laugh at me if any of them ask for Christmas ideas and I say fabric store gift cards? lol

Monday, December 1, 2008

"In Character" - Vanity Fair style, starring me and my guinea

I love when my vanity fair comes in the mail every month... I savour every page like a rich piece of chocolate.. the ads (always giving me ideas for future reference.. you know, when I am a rich and famous boutique owner, lol).. the "style" pages.. crave worthy things worth over $5000 that I could probably make with a glue gun and some left over sequins... but what I like the most is a tiny little 1/3 page feature called "In Character"...starring (insert star here)

Here's whoopi doing her Characters...
(image property of; written, directed, and photographed by Howard Schatz March 2008)
Left: You’re the ever obeisant wife of a charismatic televangelist, and you’ve just learned that a male prostitute is about to go public with his story of a years-long affair with your husband.
Center: You’re a fabulously wealthy Fifth Avenue matron, greeting your building’s doormen—whom you never tip—with a cheery “Merry Christmas!”
Right: You’re Barbara Walters, interviewing a recently divorced actress about her latest movie, suddenly going for the jugular with the question “Did it hurt more that he left you for a younger woman?”


WELL, I just adore this feature.. so Turbo and I, being as bored as we are (taking days off from work doesnt come easy to me, this is what I do when I am bored. Oh my.) decided to do our own "In Character" photo shoot. Enjoy! Or.. be scared.. whatever. lol

You’re a ditzy socialite known for nothing more than partying and having lots of pets… you have just witnessed your celeb-utard friend step out of a very low car, in a very short skirt… oops, no panties!

You are a loser at a bar, using some cheesy pick up line. "Hey girl, whats your sign?"

You're a 13 year old girl about to have your first kiss... adorable kiss face you practiced in the mirror? FAIL

You're a presidential candidate at an epic meet and greet fund raiser, holding your smile in place as you work the endless rope line

See how much fun it is!! lol

Gave in and made a Myspace.. 10% off!

so I went ahead and made a Myspace, honestly I think I needed a place (other than facebook) which I could cut out the personal info, and just focus 100% on promotion and business, so thats what this page will be!
it is
and if you "friend" me and read my first blog, there may be a surpise in store for you... how does 10% off sound? Woohoo!

Friday, November 28, 2008

IKEA fabrics, and why they rock

Many people don't know this... but IKEA has fabric by the yard for sale, AMAZING fabric! They have for years.. but lately the prints have become more and more appealing! Now, an easy design trick to know is that..well, they come in sets or "series" and those sets are pre-designed to compliment each other, aka.. use one as a pillow, one for your windows, and another in a frame and voila, you have a color story! The only downside is you cant order it online, so you either have to live by an IKEA or have a friend willing to go buy some for you.

My latest obsession is the GUNILLA line. It has a distinct eastern flair with cute widdle birdies, orange for a pop of color, and the perfect colors for my room!





The whole lot!

I'm loving the turquoise and orange for pillows and pop art around the room... and the black/multicolor for curtain panels. I already have lovely black/brown panels on my windows but these would be nice, maybe sewn in 6" bands down the sides. The multicolor would make a PERFECT throw for cuddling up on the couch, and I see the black/white as being amazing lampshades... although I want more orange so that would work too!

I need to save up, but at only 7.99 per yard its very economical and its high quality cotton. They are very strong fabrics, I spent alot of time touching and coveting when we were at IKEA last weekend.. I highly recommend these for anything and everything! In fact.. I think they would make amazing fabrics for apparel (if lined, as they are not super soft, although not rough either) and accessories!

The other lines are just as amazing.. LENA line is dining room bound, eventually! INGER line has my kitchen all in a tizzy... ah if only fabric were free, lol.

You've just gotta love it!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Stuffed Mushrooms... Happy Thanksgiving!

So its a bit late to make these for Thanksgiving dinner, but they are SO good I guarantee they will be a hit on Christmas or your next holiday party!

I stumbled on the recipe as a teenager and made them for my mom one year, now we make them every year any time we have an excuse, lol... but being that they are filled with bacon and cheddar, they are not as healthy as they could be... so I slimmed the recipe down a bit! Of course you can still make it the other way.. I'll include those instructions too.. but the taste wasnt all that affected and they were still delicious!

Slimmed down stuffed mushrooms

20 mushrooms, washed and the stems removed and set aside (SAVE THE STEMS!!!!)

6 slices of turkey bacon, cooked until crispy and chopped (in original recipe you use 1/2 package of bacon, lol)
1/2 of a small red onion, chopped small
the stems of your mushrooms, chopped small
1 cup low-fat sharp cheddar, shredded (in original recipe you use 1 cup regular cheddar, and 1 cup on top!)
1/4 tsp pepper

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Saute your onion and chopped bacon until onion is soft, add in chopped mushroom stems and saute for 1 minute with pepper. Add in 1 cup cheddar and stir until it forms a mass.
Spoon into mushroom caps (tip: use a mini muffin tin to hold them flat and upright!) and then place in your preheated oven for 10-15 minutes until mushrooms are softened but not soggy!

optional: sprinkle a bit more cheddar on top before baking.

Calories: (according to Calorieking...)
6 slices of turkey bacon have - 180 calories
1/2 of a small red onion, chopped = 1/2 cup red onion - 32 calories
1 cup of lowfat cheddar cheese - 392 calories

so counting the mushrooms (around 15 calories each) - its about 45 calories each... 2-4 is a decent serving, so they are not that bad for you! Enjoy everyone!

Monday, November 24, 2008


So, because I am 100% certain her mom would not ever see this... I can freely post that I am so excited, my friend Haley is getting married!! She just asked me to be part of her wedding in October of next year! I am so happy for her :) All my friends are catching up with me finally... first Bethy this September and now Haley next October.. I wont be the only married girl in the group! hehe. Plus, this means I get to go to Washington in October of next year which is always a good idea :)

Sunday, November 23, 2008


We're goin' to IKEA... gonna eat a lot of peachessssss...

Friday, November 21, 2008!

I am so happy! I had a full afternoon of two sleeping kids to work! I finished my air fresheners and the packaging, AND.... my new felt jewelry is coming along! This is the first sneak peek anyone gets at it! This is the first design.. I will have earrings, necklaces, bracelets, chokers, pendants.. you know, the works... but this one just happened. I am so happy with it! as far as I can find, this is completely original to ETSY.. and it happened so organically.. I think I have found my signature item that just makes me smile. I just love how these come together and they are worth all the pins stabbing me and all the swearing that goes into making something so tiny, lol! I hope you guys like them too :)

So here they are!! The new packaging for the air fresheners.. the new cards for jewelry and floral pins; and the new felt flower jewelry. These ones are buttons in the center but I bought some pearls today to use in the next necklace.

The Owl, The Whale, and the Coffee cup

No, not a bedtime story.. more custom orders! Woo!

Aside from that, I've done a few more floral pins and tomorrow, after re-stocking my ink (stupid HP printer!) I will have new product cards for pinning the little lovelies on.. and new gift tags/business cards. Cant wait!! I am working on some super cute packaging for my air fresheners too.. the key is the packaging needs to be air-tight.. but also needs to be cute. I'm thinking penny candy style bags, with a spot for me to hand-write the scent in so I don't have to print a new label every time I get a custom order, after all, they are ALL custom since the buyer picks the scent. Cant wait to try the new packaging out!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Tomorrow is grocery, park, fabric store, craft store, post office, produce stand, office depot day... not to mention that pile of laundry yet to be folded... so I doubt I will be on here much. Wish me luck!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Custom order, so fun!!

So my sister sent me a txt today asking if I could make 6 to-go coffee cup air fresheners for her... she's a barista and she thought they would make great presents for her co-workers, and I had so much fun making them!! I think they are pretty darn close to the real thing.. they are going to be scented vanilla because we agreed that's probably the safest bet to please 6 different women!

I even made tiny little coffee cup wrappers for them with vintage buttons!

to celebrate, because these coffee cups really make me that happy... I am discounting all of my little felt creatures by $2.00 each!!
These one of a kind lovelies are now only $6.00 each.. a hell of a savings, considering I saw an owl pin on ETSY today sell for 16.50 and it wasn't nearly as cute as mine. (says me.. lol)My OWL was featured on cafemom daily buzz after all!

check it out!!§ion_id=5714986

Here are the coffee cups: I love em! (sorry the pics are crap! its night-time and the lighting in my house is far from superior.)

New floral pins!!

Today has been really bad for my ill family member, and I needed a distraction.. I needed to work, so I started working on some new floral pins today and I cant wait to take pics of them.. I am making a Sego Lily (state flower of Utah.. you learn new things every day.. lol), a white "trumpet" lily, an Orchid, and a peony. Pics coming later!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cafemom ETSY Black Friday Sale!

These beautiful talented ladies are offering sales! Check out the offers below!


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Monday, November 17, 2008

Meet our new addition!!

Hello, everyone! I am Turbo the Guinea pig. I know what you are thinking... what does a Guinea pig have to do with crafting? Well LOTS... OK, actually.. not much. But I am cute.


I am 3 months young

I am sweet, gentle, calm, and I love apples and carrots

I was adopted from Pets Mart, because I was born there on accident. My mommy was sent to the pet store PREGNANT!! whoops. I couldn't be sold, because I wasn't technically born at the breeder.. but the nice PetsMart associate saw in Kristin a loving mom and entrusted her with my widdle furry butt! Best yet, since I was an adoption, I was free and mom got to spend more money on me! Can you say, Purple IGLOO?! woohoo!

Because I am just a baby I need more socialization and attention, so I spend ALOT of time with my new humans getting to know their faces and voices... they are OK... the girl one has fun hair, I like to get tangled up in it. Since I am so young, they will imprint on me well and I even greet them when they come in the room now!

I love getting my spine itched, and right behind my ears is the money spot! Scratch me there and be rewarded with lots of happy Guinea noises!

I am great with kids but I am startled by quick movements and loud noises so I prefer well behaved kids, if possible!

I don't bite, Guineas are very selective in what they put their mouth on.. if its not food I ain't tasting it! I may lick salt off your fingers though... earlier I caught mom with potato chip fingers.. yum!

I'm not so keen on physical activity but I think curves look good on me.

Thanks for getting to know me, humans! Since I have taken up a permanent residence on my human, Kristin's, shoulder.. I will be seeing alot of you! HEY- any of you sell on This mascot is sorely un-accessorised. Silly humans.

Oooooh I am so excited!!!

The SEW must go on!!! OK, so for the past few days I have been sick and I really have just been laying here feeling crappy and feeling sorry for myself... but while I was doing that, I of course was sewing because its practically impossible for me to sit down and not have something in my hands.

So a few new things I made, let me know what you think!

Stuffed flowers... I'm thinking I can link them together to make bracelets, hang one as a pendant.. made a tiny one that worked wonders as an earring, big ones are practically perfect pincushions, and I even think they would be FAB as rings! I embellished them with leftover pearls, glass beads, and buttons.. I love them so much!!

The second thing I started messing with was pinwheel ornaments and pins.. I saw these years ago on a MACY's tree.. they had GIANT metal pinwheels all over this tree and I always remember how beautiful it was.. so I decided to mess around with it and see what I could come up with and this is what I ended up doing! So I made this set, the green with the pink cotton voile for my tree... but I also made a turquoise one with a bit of blue and yellow floral to use as a pin on my new black cotton jacket! Its a beautiful jacket.. but it needs some punch, especially when I wear it over.. black. I wear alot of black, lol. I am so thrilled with how they turned out! I think its a bit late to sell them this year, for Christmas.. but I am hoping everyone responds to them well, because I would love to work on them all year and come out with a whole line to sell at Christmas craft fairs and on ETSY. I adore them!

Third thing... these cute little birdies!! This is a pattern I have been messing with for eternity.. I found a pattern I liked online, but it didnt come out right, no matter how many times I tried.. so I decided to use some guidelines I actually found in a japanese felt craft book. I'm not 100% happy with the face/beak yet, and I want to add wings, maybe feathers to the tail, eyes... but this is a start! I just LOVE the color combo!!

Last but not least, purely because I am so excited to see my kids reactions to it on Christmas.. another piece of their giant "felt play food" set!

Friday, November 14, 2008

The plague!

AUGH! we're all sick. I feel so run down and pathetic right now.. I just want a giant cup of green tea and the Dirty Dancing DVD.. I just want to snuggle in bed and sleep all day... but thats so not going to happen. Can anyone explain to me how kids can be just as sick as adults... yet twice as energetic as normal? At least Sidda is still asleep, but not for long.. I have to go wake her up to make sure she will take a nap later. I think we all will need a nap later! Ugh.. no sewing today.. just lots of tissues, lots of saltines, and lots of tea

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Yes, I am pathetic.

OK I told myself this morning I would not be sewing today... I told myself I needed to take a day off, do some laundry.. drink some cocoa.. whatever. But.. the hubbs is playing "Fallout 3" and the kids are not interested in me in the least today so I decided to work on something thats been in my head for awhile...

sneak peek...

and thats all you get.

I rushed through this first one.. to see.. can I? and I can! now its time to go make a perfect one...

100% recycled and re-purposed materials... hand stitched detail... I am... excited. to say the least.