Monday, November 10, 2008

dragging the feet

Okay Okay I know I told myself the Christmas stockings would be done today... of course I forgot I babysit every Monday and I cant sew when shes here because she is a very curious little gal! Babies and sewing machines are a no no, folks.
So they will just have to wait.. later tonight I will finish sewing and since I need natural light for my photos, it will be tomorrow afternoon before all my lovelies are posted but.. they are all pinned and ready to stitch so hopefully it will go quickly tonight. I have a TON of ornaments to list too. I'm really excited, I already had a neighbor stop and just rave about a branches and birds themed stocking I made, she went on for about 10 minutes about how much she loved it, so I am optimistic that I wont be the only person in the world who likes them!
There is another ETSY seller based out of Canada who makes the felt stockings, hers are super mod, graphic, and really cool! She makes AMAZING wallets and other cool stuff too.. she has sold alot of her stockings so I might be a bit late in this but that's OK.. I've made these since I was a kid and I love doing them so if I don't sell them all I can always save them for next year! I am hoping to do a few Holiday shows next year so it would be just fine :)

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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