Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bellingham, oh Bellingham!

I am missing home so so much today, its just rainy and damp here in Utah, and its reminding me of home! One would think that's a bad thing, but to be honest I don't mind the rain.. when you grow up in Washington you tend to have gills by age 10.
All I want to do today is stroll through some cute little boutiques ... Bellingham Washington is THE place to be if you enjoy strolling through adorable, LOCALLY owned boutiques... I have to tell you, you could get lost for HOURS in some of them. Well, in y quest for home I started doing some clickty-clicking and looked up the websites for some of my favorite home-town shops.

#1. My new favorite- The Paper Doll - I was excited to check their website and see they are now downtown! They are at 1200 10th street, suite 103- Bellingham WA. I cant wait to see their new shop when I visit home in December.
So.. why the paper doll rocks? They are one of those sensory overload, kid in a candy store, cute-orgasm, love overload kind of boutiques. You walk in and you are smacked in the face by quality HANDMADE lovelies! This isn't grandmas gift shop... they give emerging artists a chance and sell unique handmade and even one of a kind items. Clothing, jewelry, bags, lingerie, toys, amazing paper goods, fun things for home, and much much more.
Even cooler? They do classes! Artists can come teach classes to groups, and they are affordable! Last but not least... the owner, Shultzie Fay is a wealth of knowledge about everything in her store (because its not just sent to her, she picks it, and she has great style) but her dogs name is Soupy Sails. Now you tell me a cooler dog name, and I'll give you a ribbon.. seriously.
I'm telling you girls, you could spend HOURS in this store, but be aware your wallet will suffer.. because its IMPOSSIBLE to not find one thing in the paper doll that you love so much, it must be yours. Im not kidding.

2. Frank James - - In Bellingham and coming soon to Portland I see!
Well, when Frank James first opened by Ty when I was 5 months pregnant and needless to say, I could not wear a thing in the store... but I loved it none the less. Adorable little black dresses, tops you couldnt find anywhere else in the B-ham, and a denim bar to rival all others... denim denim everywhere! I hear Ty has sold the store (major bumms!) but then I heard the new owners are doing a fantastically amazing job with it, and considering they are expanding the FJ empire to Portland, I believe it!
So the website is down right now (I'm betting those ladies have their hands quite full with the opening of their new store!) but I am dying to get a peek of the new store and shop when I am in town now that I have.. eghem.. lost some "baby weight". Check their blog for a list of designers and some sneeky peeks of whats "in store" for you at FJ... I'm not kidding darlings...its worth it!

3.. well.. my son is destroying my house so I cant type them all out right now, hopefully later I can come back and update more but other stores in Bham I miss much are:

Left Right Left
Paris Texas
Mi Shoes
Four Starrs Boutique
Passion Fly (vintage and consignment)
and good old B-ham Value Village. Sigh.

December is too far away... Fast forward please, mkay?

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