Monday, November 17, 2008

Meet our new addition!!

Hello, everyone! I am Turbo the Guinea pig. I know what you are thinking... what does a Guinea pig have to do with crafting? Well LOTS... OK, actually.. not much. But I am cute.


I am 3 months young

I am sweet, gentle, calm, and I love apples and carrots

I was adopted from Pets Mart, because I was born there on accident. My mommy was sent to the pet store PREGNANT!! whoops. I couldn't be sold, because I wasn't technically born at the breeder.. but the nice PetsMart associate saw in Kristin a loving mom and entrusted her with my widdle furry butt! Best yet, since I was an adoption, I was free and mom got to spend more money on me! Can you say, Purple IGLOO?! woohoo!

Because I am just a baby I need more socialization and attention, so I spend ALOT of time with my new humans getting to know their faces and voices... they are OK... the girl one has fun hair, I like to get tangled up in it. Since I am so young, they will imprint on me well and I even greet them when they come in the room now!

I love getting my spine itched, and right behind my ears is the money spot! Scratch me there and be rewarded with lots of happy Guinea noises!

I am great with kids but I am startled by quick movements and loud noises so I prefer well behaved kids, if possible!

I don't bite, Guineas are very selective in what they put their mouth on.. if its not food I ain't tasting it! I may lick salt off your fingers though... earlier I caught mom with potato chip fingers.. yum!

I'm not so keen on physical activity but I think curves look good on me.

Thanks for getting to know me, humans! Since I have taken up a permanent residence on my human, Kristin's, shoulder.. I will be seeing alot of you! HEY- any of you sell on This mascot is sorely un-accessorised. Silly humans.


  1. Awe sha.. Reminds me of my long haired pure white guinea pig named fluffy that we had... Yours is super cute...

  2. oooh I love the long-haired ones, they are so cute! They remind me of those dogs that look like mops without a handle, hehe.

  3. cute!! my parents used to breed guinea pigs - we had lots of fun with them!