Friday, December 5, 2008

Little red riding hood

Just a quick check in because I have been a busy bee and havent been posting!

I am so excited, I went to Hancock fabrics today and plunked down around $100 but I have some AMAZING new fabrics to show for it... I am making Sidda a "little red riding hood" but I am making it reversable, a black "satin" on the inside, and the red is a luscious ruby suede... I'm thinking this will get alot more use!

What I am dying to do now, however... is make adult hooded capes. Maybe not red ones, or maybe just ONE red one.. but practical ones because I LOVE how chic they are.
I also got some fantastic grey and purple suiting's for purses (thinking family christmas) some cute brown with pink floral for a skirt for Sidda, and a PERFECT cotton that will compliment the Dupioni silk button pillow I made for my best friend.

I am really excited to start getting everything together for Christmas.. everyones gifts have to travel on the plane with me and the kids, so I am considering rushing through and shipping them in a week (its really only two weeks until we fly to Washington!!!!!!) but we'll see how it goes.

I decided we are not going to put up our tree this year.. but I came up with a solution we are all satisfied with as far as holiday decor so I will show you all tomorrow!

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