Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Luggage, Photoshoots, and Crepes

Oh man. I've been a bad girl and I have not blogged in a few days, but I have a valid excuse... PURSES.. so many purses my eyes are beginning to cross. Chances are, if you are a family member or friend of mine and will be seeing me when I fly to Washington, you will be receiving a purse from me. I decided not to "assign" the bags to anyone because I just cant choose FOR people what they will like.. instead I am making a pile of bags and everyone will just pick and fight over the one they want, lol.
So, that has kept me pretty occupied! I am really picking up on the plaid trend this year, as well as gold tones that I used in grommets and chain.. they are my favorite bags yet. I incorporated ruffles and felt flowers in some, and others are very simple and clean.
Wednesday night or Thursday morning I will be doing a little photo shoot of all the bags I have completed so I am excited for that, they range in color and size and shape so there is alot to show! I also sewed myself some new luggage tonight.. I used some left over faux leather from an apulstry project, and some plaid to make a shoulder bag and a carry on to hold toys/cups/treats for when the kids and I fly to Washington in 6 days.

Last but not least I did some experimenting with crepes.. I made chocolate, and coconut... the chocolate was a little blah, but the coconut was shockingly good, funny considering I dont really "love" coconut! Everyone seemed to love them. Epic win!

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