Thursday, December 11, 2008

CPSIA update...

still waiting to hear from governor, news station, and Small business Ombudsman on our concerns.. nobody seems too "hasty" to get in touch with me about it. I will continue calling and emailing daily until they do.

Contact Patti (Patty?) Bittner with your concerns:
She is the Small Business Ombudsman, it is her job to provide guidance to small business.. thats us ladies. Im sure she is swamped, but shes the right person to contact.
Email her at :
Call her at: Tele. (888) 531-9070
- on her answering machine she also provides this number: 301-504-7945 (but the above number is toll free)

hope I hear from someone soon... not holding my breath.. but I AM holding my governor and senators accountable. They will hear from me every day until I hear from them. Dont let up ladies, we DEMAND answers.

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