Monday, December 1, 2008

"In Character" - Vanity Fair style, starring me and my guinea

I love when my vanity fair comes in the mail every month... I savour every page like a rich piece of chocolate.. the ads (always giving me ideas for future reference.. you know, when I am a rich and famous boutique owner, lol).. the "style" pages.. crave worthy things worth over $5000 that I could probably make with a glue gun and some left over sequins... but what I like the most is a tiny little 1/3 page feature called "In Character"...starring (insert star here)

Here's whoopi doing her Characters...
(image property of; written, directed, and photographed by Howard Schatz March 2008)
Left: You’re the ever obeisant wife of a charismatic televangelist, and you’ve just learned that a male prostitute is about to go public with his story of a years-long affair with your husband.
Center: You’re a fabulously wealthy Fifth Avenue matron, greeting your building’s doormen—whom you never tip—with a cheery “Merry Christmas!”
Right: You’re Barbara Walters, interviewing a recently divorced actress about her latest movie, suddenly going for the jugular with the question “Did it hurt more that he left you for a younger woman?”


WELL, I just adore this feature.. so Turbo and I, being as bored as we are (taking days off from work doesnt come easy to me, this is what I do when I am bored. Oh my.) decided to do our own "In Character" photo shoot. Enjoy! Or.. be scared.. whatever. lol

You’re a ditzy socialite known for nothing more than partying and having lots of pets… you have just witnessed your celeb-utard friend step out of a very low car, in a very short skirt… oops, no panties!

You are a loser at a bar, using some cheesy pick up line. "Hey girl, whats your sign?"

You're a 13 year old girl about to have your first kiss... adorable kiss face you practiced in the mirror? FAIL

You're a presidential candidate at an epic meet and greet fund raiser, holding your smile in place as you work the endless rope line

See how much fun it is!! lol

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