Friday, October 31, 2008


I meant to clean the bathroom tonight.. I really did. My mother in law is coming to visit tomorrow, so I want to spruce the house up a bit.. but I cant help it.. my priority tonight is this (Raphael Italian white crocodile ladylike clutch). Now, those who know me well know I would never carry a real crocodile bag... I detest real fur and skins and I am not shy about that statement. Fur is dead, people. However you cant deny the natural and organic appeal of crocodile, especially when it is white and the detail stands out, but it maintains its chic appeal. This bag+Me=Want.

So what to do, one may ask? Well, when you make purses its just a matter of finding some nice faux crocodile! I scoured and scoured and managed to find a suitable croc-skin replacement, a vinyl home decor faux-croc in white! At $40 a yard it certainly isn't cheap, but it is undeniably a better choice than killing a living creature for its skin. It comes in a lovely array of colors from natural, browns, black, reds, white, gold, and even a silver. I will be ordering this fabric as soon as some profits pick up in the store and attempting my own ladylike clutch, results will be posted and if all is well, I will sell them in the store! Vinyl/Poly produces many issues in the land of ill equipped seamstresses... it tends to stick to sewing machines, is rather thick, and has some stretch... all things that work at a disadvantage, but I am up to the challenge. I've been informed to have much patience, extra fabric on hand, good thread, and a Teflon plate (as well as nerves of Teflon)!

PS, they also sell Python, Lizard, Alligator (slightly larger print than croc), and Emu... possibilities are endless and no animals have to be harmed in the process. What a wonderful world!

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  1. I too detest real skin, furs... etc! But I think your priority is sounding VERY cool! Let us see how it turns out! I'm excited for you!