Friday, October 31, 2008

My first post!!

So I've been a cad.. thinking I could blog every single day on my official website, thinking it wouldn't bother me to have to sign in... launch website builder... type.. edit... type.. copy.. paste.. spellcheck... well.. it bothered me, to say the least. So here I am! At the suggestion of my Cafemom Etsy Moms I got myself a blogger and I intend to use it! This is such an awesome thing for me because I used to blog daily, but life got a bit hectic and I have been pushing myself really hard lately to sew sew sew and haven't made much time for myself.
What can you expect from this blog? Oh a bit of everything. Tutorials for sure, but they take some time so in the meantime you can view them on my website, . I cant help but to blog about my kids so of course you will see things about my life.. and I will always keep this up to date with new products... what I'm currently working on.. shows I may be selling at.. and so on!

Thanks for checking out my blog, don't forget to enter my November Contest... it ends on Nov. 15th so enter now!!
Go enter this months contest, here. It is for 8 note cards (made from recycled paper and a recycled book, "A dragon in a wagon". And 8 hand-made envelopes constructed from 100% recycled paper. Next months contest is for two handmade button doves, from my new ornament collection! Ornament collection will be listed soon, stay tuned!

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