Thursday, May 14, 2009

What has Kristin been up to? Soap, Watercolors, and Journals!

I haven't blogged in awhile, just haven't been up for it.. but I have been keeping busy! While waiting for our new camera to get here, I just worked worked worked. Some of the new things wont be on ETSY, they will be saved for an upcoming show in July.. but I wanted to give an update on what I have been working on!

First off.. mini journals! I take mini composition notebooks and hand sew covers for them using eco-felt and cotton. The covers last forever, you can just change out the notebook as you use it up.
Here are a few of the designs.. sorry the pic is a bit whack but its just to give you a sneak peek.

there will be about 15 or so to choose from when I get them all finished and uploaded (as soon as DH gets a memory card for the new camera!)

Second.. watercolor paintings and cards! I don't have many that I am ready to photograph yet. I guess these feel more personal and so I am a bit more reluctant to show them yet... but I have a few of the smaller ones, cards, pictured in with some of the soaps at the end of this post. Those ones I am thinking would make ADORABLE birthday cards for little ones!!

The next thing I have been working on is cold process soap! Its been something I have been interested in for years, but as I am starting school for massage therapy, body and bath products have been in the front of my mind lately. My skin has been going crazy since moving to this hot, dry climate.. and so I want to stop using detergents on my skin and get back to basics. I have so far made a lavender tea tree oil soap for complexion and a coconut milk unscented soap for a nice moisturizing body bar. I'm really pleased with the results but it will be another 3-4 weeks before they are cured and ready to use.

I am also developing some recipes for a solid lotion bar, Vegan whipped lip butter (with NO beeswax... I'm going for more of a creamy non-sticky whipped butter texture than a balm); and of course working on massage oils, whipped body butters, body polish, and lotions which I would use everyday in my career as a massage therapist.

Here are a few pics of my soaps (so far) curing! I have a big walk in closet that we have been using as craft and clothing storage that I am going to clean out and use as my soap curing room. Its perfect as it stays warm in the winter and cool in the summer, already has plenty of shelves built in, and has a LOCK ON THE DOOR (very important with my ankle biters running around)!! I just need to get it done this weekend!

~some of the leftover bits from trimming. Going to save those and give out as samples with my business cards at craft fair - pictured in the back, some of my "kid" themed watercolor cards

~ Round soaps formed in a PVC pipe, these are coconut milk infused unscented bars. Coconut oil, Coconut milk, Distilled water, Olive Oil, Canola oil, Sodium Hydroxide, and soybean oil.

~ Some of the unscented coconut milk soaps poured into a mini brownie pan, for sample size boxes.

~Lavender and tea tree oil complexion soap; with Coconut oil, Canola Oil, Olive Oil, sodium hydroxide, and lavender infused distilled water.

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